Submission Page

Please follow our instructions below to the best of your ability.

Too many deviations make us cranky.

General Guidelines:

We accept and publish books in the following ranges:

  • Novels: 50,000 to 110,000 words (print & eBook)
  • Novellas: 17,500 to 49,999 words (eBook)
  • Novelettes: 7,500 to 17,499 words (eBook)

We do not accept partials from non-signed authors. Signed authors may submit partials for consideration.

PLEASE NOTE: We are currently seeking works 30,000 words or greater.

Submitting Your Manuscript:

Within the body of your submission email include your query letter no more than 500 words (this should read similarly to the blurb on the back of a book). Also include the following (these do not apply to your 500 word count limit): your legal name, pen name, telephone number, email address, address, genre, couple pairing (if applicable), and exact word count.

Also attach a full synopsis of your submission. We want to know everything pertinent from beginning to end. No surprises.

Label your manuscript as follows: Title_Author Name

Label your synopsis as follows: Title_Author Name_Synopsis

Please be forthcoming if your title contains the following content:

  • Bestiality (human-animal intercourse)
  • Necrophilia (intercourse with a corpse)
  • Rape (on page)
  • Scat or golden showers (intercourse with feces or urine)
  • Snuff (intercourse in which one or both participants are killed)
  • Obscene Violence (torture porn or anything along these lines)

Submitting Instructions:

  • All files must be sent in Word, doc, or docx formats (we also accept Pages for Apple users)
  • Your synopsis cover page should include the following: your legal name, pen name, telephone number, email address, address, genre, couple pairing (if applicable), and exact word count
  • Your manuscript headers must include: your pen name, title, and page number in the form of “1 of 100″
  • Times New Roman 12 point font, 1.5 paragraph spacing and .5 left, right and bottom margins
  • Do not indent your paragraphs, use an empty line as paragraph breaks
  • Use *** between scene breaks
  • Page break between chapters
  • Once all of these steps are complete send your full manuscript and synopsis to with the subject “SUBMISSION: Title: Author Name”

We will get back with you within 72 hours regarding receiving your query email. Allow us 6 to 8 weeks to review your submission. If you haven’t heard from us within the designated time frame email us your original email submission again and we will push your manuscript through within two weeks.

If you would like a copy of our contract email us at with your request.
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