Previously Published Authors from Closed Houses

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Thirteen Below Press will consider works previously published by houses that are now closed. You as the author must have some form of rights revision letter from the closed house. If one was never provided we will also accept all forms of attempts on your part to obtain said rights revision letter.

You may submit your manuscript without an invitation. Please see our standards for submission here.

When submitting please attach the manuscript you have the rights for (whether initial submitted manuscript or final edited manuscript), your rights revision letter, and any previous cover art you may have.

Please note: we will ask you to either expand the story or include another smaller “bonus” story involving the main characters of your manuscript in order to encourage your readers to repurchase the book.

Closed Houses Include (but are not limited to):

  • Samhain Publishing
  • Silver Publishing
  • Breathless Press
  • Amber Quill
  • Secret Cravings
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