Currently Signed Authors

You have it easy.

Submitting Your Manuscript

Full Manuscripts:

  • Simply submit a brief synopsis (bullet points highlighting the key points will suffice) and manuscript to our submissions email.

Partial Manuscripts:

  • Submit a full synopsis to our submissions email
    • On the synopsis cover page include an estimated date of completion
      • please do not submit partials with an estimated date greater than six months out unless otherwise discussed with an owner
  • Send five chapters or sections self edited to the best of your ability
    • If you do not have five chapters finished you may submit a portion totaling 15,000 words or more


Please remember to include all pertinent information on the cover of your synopsis. We already have your personal information on file (so no worries about that). Also label all documents accordingly. And please… don’t forget our document standards.

If an owner told you to submit your story or not worry about a synopsis, please, make note when submitting your manuscript.

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