Anthology Calls

All anthology calls are open to all authors. Signed or unsigned.

All anthology calls have a minimum word requirement of 10,000 words. If your story is contracted you will receive a flat rate $75 inclusion fee. Contract length is five years and you will receive two paperback copies as well as one PDF copy. As a signed author you will be able to submit full length manuscripts without an invitation.

To submit your manuscript use Times New Roman font and double space. Your name, manuscript title, and page numbers must appear in the header. Please use an empty line between paragraphs and *** between scenes. Title your submission as follows: Anthology Title_Author Name_Manuscript Title. No synopsis is required but do include a 75 word maximum blurb.

Send your submission to with the subject “Anthology Title: Manuscript Title”.

Please allow us 8 – 10 weeks after the anthology due date to review all anthology submissions.

Open MM Calls

All anthology calls will open April 2016.

Open FF Calls

All anthology calls will open April 2016.

Open MF Calls


For as long as we’ve known it’s name, stories of the underwater paradise known as Atlantis have been spun and woven into memorable tales. Golden pillars, dolphins ridden like horses, Gods with tridents, an isolated society further intrigue the mystery.

Atlantis has fueled many legends and cost hundreds their lives. Thirteen Below wants your twist on this ancient tale. Do you see treasure hunters bonding over ocean bottom artifacts? Maybe you see a deep ocean shifter, guarding the arch entrance into the forbidden paradise? Perhaps a treasure hunter finds an ancient map written on the walls of an undiscovered island leading to the ancient city.

Thirteen Below Press wants your stories of Atlantis.

Length: 10,000 plus words| Genre: Any | HEA/HFN Required: Yes

DUE AUGUST 15, 2016

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