Fractured Fantasies: Volume Four

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In the deepening shadows of twilight, danger is disguised by desire and passion masks peril. Watch your step, guard your heart and remember not all things are as they seem. Succumb to the sweet call of wicked temptation but remember that worshiping the flesh can easily turn to hapless horror if you don’t know the rules of the game.

Book One | There’s Always Two

Plagued by the ghosts of her past, an eccentric young woman takes cautionary measure to prevent future tragedy. But when the solution turns out to be a gruff, sexy private investigator with bedroom eyes, rough hands and demanding nature, she’s not sure she can afford to pay the price of his protection.

Book Two | Bon Appetit

Drifting through life and seeking adventures, Sibelle Taylor’s arrival in the boisterous city of Pleasanton seems to be the perfect answer for a temporary layover. Free spirited and unabashedly sexy, she captures the attention of the town’s local legend, a man who easily sets her parts to tingling. And when she succumbs to his ardent desire, she finds a greedy hunger to match her own. One that won’t be so easily sated.

Book Three | Final Destination

An arrogant player on a business trip finds himself intrigued by the buxom charms of a sleekly, mysterious woman. One night of scorching passion sates his hunger and seals his fate when his paramour decides on a more permanent coupling. With our without his permission

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