Thirteen Below Press

Company Announcement

Thirteen Below Press, LLC will donate a total of 5% of our total proceeds every quarter to organizations or charities we as a press support. As Thirteen Below grows so will our charity percentage. Eventually we hope to have a percentage as high as 25% to 30% but we cannot get there without your support.

With every purchase from Thirteen Below Press you are not only supporting an author and their craft but a cause that is deserving of the help.

Every quarter we will update our homepage to reflect the organizations your purchases will support. We hope that together all of us can leave this world a little better then when we found it.

This change came about because of author Kade Boehme. He posted a tirade on Facebook that caught my attention and together Tracey and I decided to do something, even if it’s just a little thing, about it.

We look forward to this journey with all of you.

With Affection,

Lor Rose

Owner, Founder, CEO