13 Challenges

Thirteen Below Press presents 13 Challenges.  The challenges consist of prompts, character ideas, and twists. Good luck, Authors. Oh, and one more thing, there is no second place.

Guidelines: Any author (signed or unsigned) who can incorporate as many challenges into ONE novella or novel organically and creatively as possible will be chosen as the winner. Every pseudonym is allowed only one entry. This means one author cannot enter multiple manuscripts.

Prize: Winning manuscript starts in the Silver Bracket of our royalty tier. Winning author may choose one: a $100 gift card to Amazon, Barnes and Noble, our bookstore, or a prepaid Visa Gift card.

Length: Your entry must be 17,500 words or more. The longer the better (just sayin’.)

Genre/Pairing: Any genre or couple pairing (we figured these challenges were restrictive enough).

Due Date: August 15, 2016 – please give us 8 – 10 weeks after the due date to review all challenge entries and pick our winner.

To submit your manuscript use Times New Roman font and double space. Your name, manuscript title, and page numbers must appear in the header. Please use an empty line between paragraphs and *** between scenes. Title your submission as follows: 13 Challenges_Author Name_Manuscript Title. A 500 word or less synopsis is required and a 300 word maximum blurb.

Send your submission to 13belowsubmissions@gmail.com with the subject “13 Challenge: Manuscript Title”.

13 Challenges

  1.  starfish/seahorse must be somewhere but can’t be a pet in an aquarium or an object; no diving/divers into the sea
  2. a magical being such as a wizard or witch is allergic to magic
  3. vegetarian werewolves
  4. Space cadet with a fear of flying/heights
  5. Wizards in outer space
  6. vegan vampire
  7. teacup heirloom lost to an octopus
  8. Multiple Personality Disorder character with a homophobic voice and a transgender voice
    1. please note, if you choose to incorporate this challenge it must be done as medically accurate as possible
  9. Cold weather shifter stranded in the desert
  10. baby giraffe licks the MC’s face
  11. a secret marriage twists the story into a dark direction
  12. the MC’s secret identical twin is badly burned in a fire
  13. someone is absolutely terrified of lady bugs
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